Land For Sale by Owner Obshtina Sozopol Sozopol-Bulgaria

Real Estate Information

  • Portfolyo Number #3404
  • Property Type Land
  • Price 12000000 $
  • Contract Type For Sale by Owner
  • Location Burgas, Obshtina Sozopol
  • Size 950000 sq m
  • Views 654
  • Date 3/12/2022
Burgas, Sozopol-Bulgaria,,Obshtina Sozopol ,

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Land For Sale by Owner Obshtina Sozopol Burgas

Dear ladies and gentlemen,

Real estate agency with pleasure

presents to your attention a plot

with a total area of ​​949,469 m2,

located in the territory of

Municipality of Sozopol,

Burgas District, as the closest point to

the sea is 800 meters and

most remote - less than

2000 meters east, nearby

to the holiday complex Duni1,

which is a resort with local and

National importance.

The location we offer to your attention is located about 30 km from the town.

Bourgas (203 253 inhabitants) and about 45 km from Bourgas airport. The plot is located

with a 330-meter section facing the main road from

the national road network (E 99), which serves the southern Black Sea coast down to the Republic of Turkey, and the land is easily

visible from both directions of movement. Daily traffic on the main road covers

the municipalities of Sozopol, Tsarevo and Primorsko, whose population during the summer period

(from July to September) is over 260,000 people.

The land consists of many plots of land owned by three individuals and two legal entities

with joint investment plans.

According to the approved development plan of the Municipality of Sozopol, the land properties

are divided into five zones by functionality and in accordance with the Black Sea coast.

Expense Act as follows:

• Zone A for “public services”, with an area of ​​11,725 ​​m2


for “public services” with construction and installation parameters: 60% density, Cint2

Zone B for "public services", with an area of ​​105,209 m2.

Land properties in

the region has entered into force a decision of the mayor of Sozopol for

regulation of land with construction and installation parameters: 60% density,

Cat .: 1.5 H ≤ 10 m.

• Zone C for “low-rise residential areas”, with an area of ​​187,782 m2

, s

Construction and installation parameters: 40% density, Cint: 1.5 H ≤ 10 m.

• Zone D for “resort and ancillary activities, holiday complex”, p

area 490 663 m2

, with construction and installation parameters: 20% density, Cint: 0,5 H

≤ 10 m.

• Zone E for “recreation areas for villas”, with an area of ​​27,665 m2

, s

Construction and installation parameters: 20% density, Cint: 0.8 H ≤ 7.0 m.

• Zone F - with an area of ​​126 221 m2

, agricultural land, intended for permanent use

'afforested area without the possibility of timber production.

The estimated total built-up area of ​​all plots is about 700,000 m2. The photos are from the town of Sozopol-Bulgaria (EU), where the land is located!

M: +359888868922 WhatsApp

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Eligible For Bank Credit Yes  
Exchangeable Yes  
Parcel Number
Deed Status Plot Deed  
Deed Status Shared Deed  
Flat For Land Yes  
Infrastructure Electricity Industrial Electricity Water Phone Naturalgas Stove Sewage Purifying Probing Well Opened Road Unopened Road No Road  
Location Close To Mainroad Beachfront Close To Beach Close To Airport Close To Public Transportation  
General Properties With Secretion With Parcell With Projected Corner Plot  
Scenery Strait Sea Nature Lake City  


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Land For Sale by Owner Obshtina Sozopol Sozopol-Bulgaria