Tierras EN VENTA por el propietario Otavalo

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  • Número Portfolyo #2698
  • Tipo de Inmueble Tierras
  • Precio 450000 $
  • Tipo de contrato EN VENTA por el propietario
  • Ubicación Ibarra, Otavalo
  • Tamaño 153330 metros cuadrados
  • Puntos de vista 90
Ibarra, Otavalo,,Otavalo ,

Tierras EN VENTA por el propietario Otavalo Ibarra

Andean Mountain Traveler's Retreat in Otavalo, Ecuador

Tranquility, Beauty, Privacy 3 miles from Otavalo, a true sanctuary close to a major center of Andean Culture and Tourism.

Reduced to $450,000. During this crisis take the time to reevaluate your future and lifestyle!

We are offering our beloved mountaintop property, a true paradise, 37+ acres on a dead end road, with a total of 5 Homes plus 3 additional buildings and a complete infrastructure, one that would serve well for a Wellness Spa, a Luxury Mountain Eco Lodge, Vacation Home Rentals, a Family Yoga Retreat, Horse Ranch, Business Retreat or just as a Private Sanctuary for your organization or family.

The five houses are sturdy brick and mortar constructions, built by US standards and well maintained since their completion in 2005. Healthy farmland, extensive organic gardens and an 8 acre protected forest are also part of the mountaintop. Reliable high-speed internet is installed. All with million dollar views of magnificent mountain ranges and valleys!

We ran a successful Mountain Eco Lodge for 13 years, got old and have retired. And now offer this magnificent property to a buyer in search of a new chapter and a sound investment.

If you are interested, if you see this as a perfect opportunity to follow a meaningful and gratifying lifestyle...... the price has been lowered significantly from the original price to ....... $450,000 ......life is short....... this offer is only for a serious investor, with determination and drive! Visit or write to us if you have any questions about the property or the Otavalo area.

Watch the Video:

English http://ecuadormountainretreat.com/forsale/English/index.html

Espanol http://ecuadormountainretreat.com/forsale/Espanol/index.html

more PHOTOS at http://www.ecuadormountainretreat.com/photos/index.html


Elegible para el Banco de Crédito No  
cambiable No  
Estado Escritura Escritura Terreno  
Estado Escritura Propiedad  
Piso Terreno  
infraestructura Electricidad Electricidad Industrial Agua Teléfono Estufa Naturalgas Aguas residuales Purificación Sondeo Bueno Abierto por carretera Camino sin abrir No Road  
ubicación Cerca de Mainroad Frente a la playa Cerca de la playa Cerca del Aeropuerto Cerca de transporte público  
Propiedades generales Con la secreción Con Parcell Con Proyectado Corner Plot  
paisaje Estrecho Mar Naturaleza Lago Ciudad  


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Bigadiç İlçesi

Tierras EN VENTA

$ 5000

Tamaño1263 metros cuadrados MapaMapapor el Agentepor el Agente
Tierras Tierras EN VENTA İznik İlçesi


İznik İlçesi

Tierras EN VENTA

$ 66000

Tamaño8900 metros cuadrados MapaMapapor el Agentepor el Agente
Tierras Tierras EN VENTA Otavalo


Tierras EN VENTA

$ 450000

Tamaño153330 metros cuadrados MapaMapapor el Agentepor el Agente

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Tierras EN VENTA por el propietario Otavalo