Costruzione AFFITTO dal proprietario Obshtina Slivnitsa Bulgaria

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  • Portfolyo numero #2949
  • Tipo di proprietà Costruzione
  • Prezzo 1230 $
  • Tipo di contratto AFFITTO dal proprietario
  • Posizione Sofia, Obshtina Slivnitsa
  • Dimensione 5100 Mq
  • Visualizzazioni 197
Sofia, Bulgaria,,Obshtina Slivnitsa ,

Costruzione AFFITTO dal proprietario Obshtina Slivnitsa Sofia

Hotel complex 5100m2 in Bulgaria, 15min to Sofia

Hotel complex 5100m2 for sale or for lease in Bulgaria,

to the international road E80, connecting Europe with Asia and Africa,

15min from the capital Sofia (20km),

in the center of town Slivnitsa.

With 80 double rooms, restaurant 800m2, cafe 300m2, snack bar 100m2, night bar 200m2, disco 800m2, spa center.

The hotel can achieve occupancy well above the national average, if the potential clients are attracted.

And hence a very good return on investment.

The potential clients for the hotel are:

- More than 10 million Turkish workers working in Western Europe travel on the motorway by the hotel at least four times a year;

- Company seminars and team building, business travelers;

- Guests for the weekend for fun - water sports, hunting and fishing, eco walk, competitions for motorcycles and ATVs, sports planes. Next to the city there is an ATV and a motorcycle track, lakes for fishing and water sports, a horse base, an airport with sports planes and gliders, a hunting organization, outdoor and indoor pools;

- Student and retirement vacations;

- Competitions and festivals are organized - the city has a large sports complex with a hall and many stadiums and playgrounds for various sports, for national and international sports competitions. International festivals of traveling theater, cheese, brandy, etc .;

- "Green Schools" - groups of students for training and study of historical sites in Slivnitsa - the city was declared a historic city and a city-hero;

- Weddings, family and company holidays in the hotel restaurant;

The hotel is 9-floors, lined with natural stone, new windows and roof waterproofing, for major interior renovation.

A minimum of 270,000 EUR will be needed for the renovation of the hotel complex.

And the average turnover will be about 80000 EUR per month.

The hotel is unfurnished because the old furniture was to be replaced.

The price for sale is 1200 000Eur

If you lease it we can providing hotel guests and can help for the renovation.

I can send you additional photos.

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Anno di costruzione 28 e oltre  
Numero di piani 9  
Numero di pompe 1  
riscaldamento No  
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Costruzione Costruzione AFFITTO Obshtina Slivnitsa


Obshtina Slivnitsa

Costruzione AFFITTO

$ 1230

Dimensione5100 Mq MappaMappaper agenteper agente
Costruzione Costruzione VENDESI Obshtina Slivnitsa


Obshtina Slivnitsa

Costruzione VENDESI

$ 1464000

Dimensione5100 Mq MappaMappaper agenteper agente
Costruzione Costruzione VENDESI Bahçelievler

Marasal Fevzi cakmak caddesi 3. Sokak


Costruzione VENDESI

$ 3750000

Dimensione442 Mq MappaMappaper agenteper agente

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Costruzione AFFITTO dal proprietario Obshtina Slivnitsa Bulgaria