Terra VENDESI per agente Fethiye Yassica Adasi

Informazioni Real Estate

  • Portfolyo numero #2875
  • Tipo di proprietà Terra
  • Prezzo 2360000 $
  • Tipo di contratto VENDESI per agente
  • Posizione Muğla, Fethiye
  • Dimensione 8100 Mq
  • Visualizzazioni 206
Muğla, Yassica Adasi,,Fethiye ,

Terra VENDESI per agente Fethiye Muğla


Property Features

It is 8041.98 m² consisting of 2 parcels located in Devil's Island where we are authorized for sale.

NOTE: The location is seen as Gocek island because it cannot be selected on the map. Since the system cannot be selected, you can contact us for the location.

· Our land, which has two parcels of 2511.67 m² and 5530.31 m², is at the seafront and has a 253 m beach.

There are two parcels as 2B olive grove and forest land.

It is 6 km from Göcek district by sea and 17 km from Fethiye harbor.

Our land, which is located close to Yassi Islands, is close to islands and bays in the region. In short, let's talk about the tourism areas in the region.

Yassica Islands

Yassica Islands in the Gulf of Fethiye are one of the most suitable places to spend time and anchor, consisting of several small and large islands.

Bedri Rahmi Bay

This bay, whose real name is Tasyaka, was named after the famous painter Bedri Rahmi visited the bay in 1974 and he engraved a work on a rock.

Cleopatra Hamam Bay

Cleopatra Hamam Bay is a cove where blue and green are located together with historical ruins with a sunken bath.

Shipyard Island

It is the largest island among Göcek islands. There are historical remains from the time of the Ottoman Empire until today.

Silibük Bay

Siralibük Bay, one of the most beautiful bays of Göçek, is one of the exquisite bays where you can also cool off exquisitely while mountain goats drink their waters in this clear bay where fresh water meets salt water.

Aquarium Bay

Located between Domuz Island and Tersane Island, it is a superb holiday bay that takes its name from being like an aquarium, its clear water does not make you feel the heat and the smell of pine.

Paradise Bay

It is an eye-catching bay located just west of Yassica Islands. Staircase Cove Climb up using the path from the sea and nature's shore and definitely visit the village on the hill and you will not regret it.

Responsible Real Estate Agent (Level5)

YB0044 / 17UY0333-5 / 00/1163

31.12.2019 / 30.12.2024


Coldwell Banker Vip Real Estate Consulting

Altas Altas Gayrimenkul Danismanlik ve Ins. LTD. STI.

Address: Merkez Mahallesi Atatürk Caddesi 5/3 PK: 48770 Dalaman- MUGLA

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Idoneo per Banca di Credito No  
intercambiabile No  
Numero Pacco
atto di stato Olive Groves Deed  
atto di stato Proprietà  
Appartamento In Terra No  
infrastruttura Elettricità Elettricità industriale Acqua Telefono Naturalgas Stove Liquame Purificazione Probing Bene Aperto Strada Strada Unopened No Road  
posizione Close To Mainroad Beachfront Vicino alla spiaggia Vicino Aeroporto Close To Trasporti pubblici  
Proprietà generali Con la secrezione Con Parcell Con proiettata Calcio d'angolo Plot  
paesaggio Bosforo Mare Natura Lago Città  


Terra Terra VENDESI Köyceğiz İlçesi

Köyceğiz İlçesi


$ 129000

Dimensione1056 Mq MappaMappaper agenteper agente
Terra Terra VENDESI Dalaman



$ 54000

Dimensione1938 Mq MappaMappaper agenteper agente
Terra Terra VENDESI Dalaman




$ 47500

Dimensione2480 Mq MappaMappaper agenteper agente
Coldwell Banker Vip Gayrimenkul

Coldwell Banker Vip Gayrimenkul

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Terra VENDESI per agente Fethiye Yassica Adasi