Residence Satılık Emlakçıdan San Carlos Venecia

Emlak Bilgileri

  • Portföy No #2868
  • Emlak Tipi Residence
  • Fiyat 250000 $
  • Durumu Emlakçıdan Satılık
  • Mevkii Provincia de Alajuela, San Carlos
  • Genişlik 150 m2
  • Görüntüleme 1373
  • Tarih 6/22/2021
  • 360 Panorama Virtual Tour
Provincia de Alajuela, Venecia,,San Carlos ,

Residence Satılık Emlakçıdan San Carlos Provincia de Alajuela

Do you enjoy the simple country life? Then this spectacular San Carlos Property is the perfect place to fulfill you dreams.

3 Bedroom Stunning House & 1.2 Ha Farm for Sale in Venecia, San Carlos

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The farm has an area of 12,000 meters, within you will find a 150 m2 house with three bedrooms, two bathrooms, attic, laundry room, a garage for two cars, two corridors, and green areas.

Surrounding this Alajuela Real Estate, the property has a ranch or BBQ area, with its respective bathroom and service, a small recreation pool and its respective green area.


There is a small lake that comes from a stream that runs through the property.

In the property there is also a large part of the land that is in pasture and paddock. The farm has fruit and ornamental trees and a lot of flora and fauna.

Living in Venecia, San Carlos

This part of the country is one of the most visited places by foreigners due to its beauty and diverse flora and fauna.

The property is located in Venecia, that is part of the country side of Costa Rica, however it has all the commodities you might need if you acquire this home for sale in Costa Rica.

La Fortuna, a charming and quiet town easily accessible from this property, offers spectacular scenery of Arenal, the most active volcano in Costa Rica.

Particularly in the last five years, this part of Costa Rica has become quite an active town. Either way, there are many accommodations, hotels and resorts. One thing to do is to try the amazing spa resorts around the volcano.

Besides the volcano this village has many other attractions such as the Fortuna Waterfall, a refreshing waterfall that falls from a dizzying height of 70 meters. A marvelous thing to see and a lovely short hike that gives the opportunity to portray one of the best moments at this beautiful waterfall.

Another key attraction and very close by is Tabacon Hot Springs where one can relax and calm the nerves. Set amidst lush greenery, rare orchids, and a stupendous waterfall is Tabacon Hot Springs, one of the most rewarding for those who desire some peace and quiet.

For the more adventure-seeking, this region of the country has a lot to offer. Rafting, hiking tours, kayaking, canoeing, fishing, horseback riding, canopy tours and boat rides on Caño Negro are just some of the activities you can enjoy while you are here.

In addition, Venecia is about 3 hours from the closest beach, in case you might want to change the mountains for the exiting beach.

House for Sale in Costa Rica

Living in Costa Rica for Expats – Land for Sale in Costa Rica

Costa Rica's slogan Pura Vida, meaning “the Pure Life,” symbolizes the country's laidback, chill lifestyle.

Whether you prefer to just lounge on the beach and swim in warm waters, or hike in the cool mountains and take a plunge beneath waterfalls, this country has something to entice every adventure seeker.

Costa Rica is a tropical country with temperatures ranging between 12-27°C (70-81°F) year-round. If you are trying to escape the cold of your home country only seasonally or for the long-haul, this country is ideal for you.

Costa Rica is one of the best countries in which to retire abroad. This is thanks to its various visas, that allow foreigners to remain in the country without a steady job.

It is possible to find expats in nearly every corner of the country. Foreigners who move here will not need to worry about a lack of resources or communal support.

Send us an email to use our contact form or whatsapp 50662362201 if you are interested in this Land for Sale in Costa Rica to start building your Dream!



26' Ceilings


Bbq Area

Close To Schools

Close to Shops

Close To Transport

Covered Parking

Eat-In Kitchen

Fully Landscaped

Laundry Room

Luxury Estate

Mountain View

Pets Allowed

Swimming Pool



Provincia de Alajuela, San Carlos | Venecia Haritada Göster


Oda Sayısı 2+1  
Banyo Sayısı 2  
Bina Yaşı 0  
Binadaki Kat Sayısı 1  
Bulunduğu Kat Bahçe Katı  
Isınma Yok  
Salon Sayısı 1  
Konut Şekli Ara Kat  
Balkon Var  
Yapı Durumu İkinci El  
Zemin Etüdü Var  
Kullanım Durumu Boş  
Krediye Uygunluk Evet  
Cephe Doğu Batı Kuzey Güney  
İç Özellikler Ankastre Mutfak Amerikan Panel Kapı Amerikan Mutfak Arıtma Sistemi Beyaz Eşya Duşakabin Ebeveyn Banyosu Granit Zemin Halı Döşeme Hazır Mutfak Hilton Lavabo Jakuzi Kiler Küvet Laminant Parke Mobilya PVC Kaplama Parke Seramik Zemin Vestiyer Şofben  
Altyapı ADSL Fiber İnternet Intercom Kablo TV Telefon Hattı Uydu Wi-Fi Sanayi Elektriği  
Konut Özellikleri Asistan Hizmeti Call Center Güvenlik Kamerası Helikopter Sahası Hidrofor Hırsız Alarmı Jeneratör Ses Yalıtımı Su Deposu Su Yalıtımı Toplantı Salonu VIP Hizmetler Vale Hizmeti Yangın Alarmı  
Çevre Özellikleri Cami Internet Cafe Kilise Market Park Restoran Sağlık Ocağı Semt Pazarı Veteriner  
Sosyal Aerobik Salonu Açık Yüzme Havuzu Basketbol Sahası Bilardo Fitness Salonu Futbol Sahası Kamelya Kapalı Yüzme Havuzu Masa Tenisi Raketbol Salonu SPA Sauna Sinema Spor Salonu Squash Salonu Tenis Kortu Tiyatro Türk Hamamı Voleybol Sahası  
Manzara Boğaz Deniz Doğa Göl Şehir  


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Residence Satılık Emlakçıdan San Carlos Venecia