земля Продажа от Хозяев Tivat Radovici

Информация Недвижимость

  • номер портфеля #3336
  • Тип недвижимости земля
  • Цена 70000 $
  • статус Продажа от Хозяев
  • Расположение Tivat, Tivat
  • Размер yada ширина 350 кв м
  • Просмотры 332
  • Дата 2/19/2022
Tivat, Radovici,,Tivat ,

земля Продажа от Хозяев Tivat Tivat

On sale by the owner, an investment plot with an approved project of a beautiful villa in Montenegro's Lustica peninsula! This is a very fairly priced property with a plot of 234m2 and the registered project of a villa of 219m of the net living area plus 25m2 of the roof terrace.

The project of the villa is designed by one of the leading architectural studios in the region, embracing the silhouettes of the natural landscape and the region's architectural heritage. With a 'Mediterranean' roof, stone facades, roof terrace, and a gentle colour palette, the villa's design and architectural flourish combine the region's spirit and landscape with contemporary sophistication.

Spacious, functional and bright with stunning views of the Lovcen mountain, this house will make a great home or luxury rental villa in the fast-growing property area. The house has large, airy windows that take full advantage of the natural scenery. Comfortable living areas are planned to make the best use of space with connected kitchen and dining zones. The rooms flow naturally into open terraces, balconies and courtyards, making for seamless indoor-outdoor living that luxuriates in the year-round, Mediterranean sunshine. Massive roof terrace with all-day sun and intimate ground floor terrace. A beautiful and easily managed garden with irrigation is included in the project as well. The villa is divided into three levels, each comprising around 70m2, consisting of the living area, kitchen and dining room (1floor), four bedrooms, 2.5 bathrooms (ground floor), gym and two utility rooms (basement).

This plot of land has the rare distinction that it is within a small area of land in Lustica Peninsular that is urbanised. Thus, the land is registered in the Detailed Urban Plan (DUP "Radovici"). The plot has a clean title, and sales completion can be done within a short timescale. Importantly, the planning permission for the villa is already secured, and all communal charges are paid (municipal and national taxes, electricity, water, telecom, sewage, etc.). The plot is directly adjunct to the main road.

The plot is located in one of the hottest property markets in Montenegro, in the centre of the Lustica Peninsula. With newly developing billion-dollar luxury resorts of Lustica Bay (www.lusticabay.com) and Plavi Horizonti (Blue Horizons – www), coupled with coastlines to both the beautiful Kotor Bay and the Adriatic sea. Being only 10 minutes by car from the Tivat International Airport (and Dubrovnik and Podgorica airports within a 1.5hour drive) does not hurt as well, nor does enjoying 240 of yearly sunshine. The villa is located at the outskirts of the town of Radovici, with its numerous bars and eateries along with a great choice of supermarkets and other amenities. Tivat and Kotor are 30 drive by car, Budva is at 45 minutes, Herceg-Novi at 1.15h, Podgorica at 1.5 hours, and Dubrovnik at around 2h. A little further down the road (about 10 min walking distance), there is the beautiful beach, surrounded by mature Pines, Plavi Horizonti. This sandy beach is a firm favourite of locals and visitors alike. A ten-minute walk to the other side of the peninsula would allow you to enjoy the beaches of Kotor bay, with the view of Montenegrin mountains in the background. A short ride in the car would get you to numerous other beaches in Lustica Peninsular, including Zanjice, Miriste, Krasici, Rose, Bigova, etc.

After a few years of slower growth of property prices in Montenegro due to the pandemic, this is an opportunity to own the villa before the jump in prices with the upcoming completion of Lustica Bay's next phases – Centrale, golf course, and other projects (e.g., two new 5-star hotels in the complex). Lustica Bay's Centrale will be a full-scale newbuilt luxury resort town, adjunct to the town of Radovici, 3 minutes' walk from the villa. Centrale will be host to a range of shops, boutiques, restaurants, bars, galleries, entertainment and public facilities. This new district, currently under construction, is set to become Lustica Bay's town centre and a flourishing residential neighbourhood. Lustica Bay's golf course will be a full 18-hole golf course, the first of its kind in Montenegro. The villa is located just 1 min walking distance from the outskirts of the golf terrain (see photos). These developments will allow the owner of this property to enjoy all the world-class amenities at his or her doorstep. Multi-million-euro villas in the neighbourhood attest to that!

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земля Продажа от Хозяев Tivat Radovici